Hidden in restaurant menus are some healthy gems that don’t do much harm to your diet plan. Avoid eating at a restaurant more than once a week . These tips will help you dine out wisely without effecting your weight loss regime.

  1. SOUPS : Opt for clear broths instead of creamy soups . Minestrone , gazpacho are your safe bets.
  2. SALADS: Stay away from rich , creamy dressings which douse all the health benefits of fresh salads . Order salad like Greek salad , papaya salad or fresh greens lightly tossed in olive oil.
  3. APPETISERS: The words crispy , crunchy indicate that the preparation is deep fried . Also golden fried and batter fried are in red alert zone . beaware of them.
  4. SAUCES: Classic soya sauce and chilli vinegar are healthy enough . Avoid oil sauces with preprations.
  5. PASTA: Pasta cooked with low olive oil and cheese or opt for pasta dish that has pasta and veggies in equal proportion. Pasta with grilled chicken or turkey is also good option .
  6. PIZZA: Pizza with less cheese , tomato sauce , fresh basil and veggies , chicken . Avoid bacon , sausages and pepperoni toppings.
  7. ROASTED ITEMS: Tandoori roti without butter , Roasted mushroom , paneer (cottage cheese ) , chicken , cauliflower etc are healthier than other dishes full of gravy.

Note : These health tips is based on relevant research and for indication purpose only .


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