Ah-choo. You tried your best to fend off the flu all week , but finally get surrender . The  sniffles you felt earlier on have now change into a full blown attack. Your cold has gone viral.

There’s no cure as such for the common cold . The medication we use only suppress its effect but its after effect always remains there.You have to wait it out.

Here’s certain nutritional tips though could work and speed up recovery from viral fever .


While you are nursing your flu remember to consume lean proteins like eggs , fish , chicken , pulses,  quinoa .

Recommended dosage : 1 gram / kg body weight

Example : if your weight is 56 kilos you need to consume 56-60 gms of protein a day


Vitamin C boost up our immunity. It detoxifies bad stuff from our body . Amla is richest source of Vitamin C , Kiwi also source of Vitamin C

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps build immunity & work as catalyst for recovery . It can be found in animal foods including dairy products and eggs . If you are vegetarian takes B12 prescribed by your doctor.


Probiotics keeps your intestine clean. Probiotics can be found in drinkable youghurt options like Chaas etc


If you find it hard to exactly isolate foods that contains the above described nutrients , switch to multivitamins option.But get it prescribed by your doctor & avoid its overdose otherwise it cause side effects in form of allergies  .

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  1. Some nice tips to beat viral infections.

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  2. Thanks for the advice on how to beat the flu. I also suggest honey and ginger. It beats the flu for sure and boost our immune system.

    1. yeah ginger & honey is best thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Ha Ha!Just out of flu.And when it happens,it does the family round.Now my hubby is down with it.Thanks for the wonderful tips.Got it a bit late I suppose

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  4. oops…viral..yes! rainy season and now the coming change in climate is going to bring in some viruses too..nice tips to be ready!
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  5. My daughter is down with viral. These tips will surely help. Thanks for writing this.
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  6. This comes quite in handy and at the right time.
    Thanks for the tips to beat the flu.

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