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What you munch up in between meals plays an important role in building blocks of your body or smashing it. We all eat three nourishing meals a day : A rich source of protein , loaded with carbs & some healthy fats. That’s absolutely not the problem. The problems comes when stomach craves and you didn’t pack any healthy snacks. It seems harmless enough and does its best to tell you how healthy it is. But if I were you, I’d be suspicious about the average snack. I am referring to the variety of chips, various kind of bars, cookies etc available in the market .To me , an ideal snack should be brusting with the goodness of nuts,seeds and healthy ingredients that are organic & not so fat & calorie dense.

Thankfully , I’ve come across (a Craftsvilla  entity) is India`s largest curated marketplace for speciality Indian  foods.

place-of-origin  has the largest variety of healthy snack  like mithai, chocolates,  namkeen, biscuits, dryfruits, healthfood, pickles, jams, masalas, tea, coffee etc online. They started off as an innocuous effort to add more fibre and nuts to your daily diet where the first thing you’re getting is health.

They are the power house of healthy snack . Balanced source of essential nutrients when you count for calories, and still good for you.

When your urge for hunger arise & you look around what do. You are bore enough with old popcorn and ordinary chips and those oily patties loaded with calories. Where could you possibly get delicious snacks that leaves your lips smacking every time? is your answer to all healthy snacks.  healthy snack strive to make your food an experience to remember.

Snacks ranging from variants cookies, biscuits ,full range of dryfruits including cashew nut, walnut, almond, figs, dates to namkeen such as sev, bhujia, dryfruit kachori, mathri, chiwda and lots more are all available on .

An array of irresistible snacks from all around India can be delivered to your doorstep by just a click of a button. Your online snack shopping experience just became better with Hassle free payments, impeccable delivery.

Pin up healthy snack range and you’re less likely to impair your buff-to-blubber ratio.Choosing right snacks for your munching time would provide essential nutrients to support fitness regime.My favourites from healthy snack range would be :


Low fat Moong dal chip is a crispy treat. Flavours are put in adequate amount . It is a perfect chatpata treat for children, family and friends.


Cashew nuts, are one of the most popular nuts. The cashewnut  comes loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which are important for the proper functioning of our body.


Jowar has high-protein, is cholesterol-free source of a variety of essential nutrients, including dietary fibre.Minimal usage of oil makes this an extremely tasty and healthy snack. It is a great substitute for people with celiac disease or wheat allergies.


date is a powerhouse of fibre, potassium and other essential minerals. They are known to help for a variety of health reasons and therefore are recommended as part of your daily diet. Specially imported from Oman,Large in size, plump and moist, Oman dates can be used in cooking, baking and for snacking.


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  1. This is a great site to get healthy snacks. Nice review!

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      indeed it is
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    Nice review, I’m going to certainly get some of these!

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      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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