L for Live Fit with Healthy Diet for Pregnancy – Part 2

Healthy diet for pregnancy

Hope you have fun reading this A to Z Pregnancy guide. Here presenting the Pregnancy Digest to solve all your queries about Pregnancy. In this part of  Pregnancy Digest, you will read about proper & nutritional diet aka well-balanced diet that should be taken during pregnancy. Perk Yourself with Healthy Diet for Pregnancy

What is the food available during pregnancy?

Here is the list of food that you should include in your diet during pregnancy

Milk and dairy products: The dairy food is rich in calcium, protein and vitamin B-12. These are present in skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese.

Cereals, whole grains, dals, pulses, and nuts: These food are rich in protein.

Vegetables and fruits: These are the source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Meat, fish, and poultry: These are the source of concentrated proteins.

Fluids like water and fresh fruit juices

Fats and oils: The vegetable oils is a better source of unsaturated fat.

What are the foods that I should avoid during pregnancy?

Yes, there is some food that should be avoided or should be taken in small amounts during pregnancy period.

  • Caffeinated food- Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. Its daily intake should be limited up to 200mg. 
  • Dry fruits should be taken in the limited amount. As they are if warm temperament, can cause bleeding if taken in excess amount.
  • Eggs should be taken with precaution, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. As they are if warm temperament, can cause bleeding if taken in excess amount.
  • Some types of Fish – As some fish has a high level of mercury, which can be harmful during pregnancy, hence should be avoided. Like Swordfish, tilefish, tuna fish etc.
  • Unpasteurized milk and cheese made from raw milk may cause infectious diseases. Hence, should be avoided.

How many meals should I eat during pregnancy?

I always recommend taking frequent, smaller portions of a meal during a day. Try eating 6-7 small portions meals each day, instead of taking larger ones. This will subsidies acidity, avoid indigestion, regurgitation, fatigue etc.

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

For normal weight woman, it’s recommended to gain 11kg-15kg of body weight during pregnancy.

  • DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.
  • Reference- D.C Dutta textbook of obstetrics.

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  3. Watching what you eat is indeed always important.

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  4. That’s great! Could you please tell me what is the ideal weight to put on if she is already obese?
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    1. Yes an Overweight woman – should gain as little as 5kg body weight read here
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  5. Diet is always important but especially for expectant mommies.

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  6. Aren’t these rules applicable even if you aren’t pregnant?

    1. No this is an ideal balanced diet chart woman should follow

  7. I know there are a lot more foods that you need to avoid these days than when I was pregnant – no pre-cooked chicken, no deli meats, no pre-washed lettuce, no pate etc. A lot of those things weren’t available 30 years ago – now they are really commonplace.
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