Creative DIY ideas for Diwali decoration

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  • Decorate the corners of your house with floral floats .fill the large ornamental pot with water and place colourful shaped wax candles on it. Further enhance the look by dispersing small flowers . 
  • Switch to diverse aromas like Hawaii aroma, uplifting floral scent like geranium , earthy scent or sweet romantic fragrance instead of fragrance like vanilla, lavender, rose etc. choose from incense sticks and candles.
  • Make your own new interesting aroma through the concept of synergy. That is by mixing two or more complementary undiluted essential oils . This will enhance the effect of aroma therapy on the senses and surroundings . For example mix rosemary, thyme,sage essential oils for a stimulating new scents.this will have pleasant and calm effect on your guest.
  • DIY LIGHT DISPLAY Add a classic chic to your Diwali decor with beautiful, vibrant coloured holders comes in different design. Or go for holders made from old coloured glass bottle . Hang a bunch of them in balcony or porch.
  • Replace your old candles and diyas and skip all the mess of replacing them each hour. Go for smart electric diffusers available at all aromatherapy stores . All you have to do is pour a few drops of your favourite scent into the diffuser and plug it in for non stop fragrance

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  1. Loved your creative ideas. I am a person who never try such things but after reading your blog i seriously feel to try some. Among the above you mentioned, i loved the electrical diffuser one. Will surely try it out.

    1. Dew Cool says: Reply

      yeah electric diffuser is somewhat derive from aromatherapy modern version of Agarbatti . you must try 🙂 thanks

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