Dreams: Are they the prerogative of just the young? #livenonstop

Dreams: Are they the prerogative of just the young?#livenonstop

Life is full of ups and downs, but the power to handle those lies within us. Our culture has always been one of support, with large families where parents look after the kids and the roles change when they grow up. In most cases, it’s difficult for parents to focus on their dreams while making […]

I am made up of Indian Matter, More Indian than you think #MoreIndianThanYouThink

As Shakespeare says life is a stage and we are performing our role.Things which matters is your credibility. How smartly you perform your role on your own terms.  So what we are Feminine and moreover an Indian woman? That doesn’t mean one can restrict our dreams, our extension, and wishes. There is a drastic revolution […]

A to Z 2017 #ThemeReveal Get Fit and Healthy with 26 Healthy living days

Get Fit and Healthy with 26 Healthy living days

Hurrah!! The countdown for A to Z 2017 challenge has started. Only 10 days to go and today is the day for theme reveal. It’s been 1 year of my blogging and I’ve taken part in many blog challenges. Out of which my favorite is My Friend Alexa by The BlogChatter and Ultimate blog challenge. […]

8 Tips To Survive The Festive Season

8 Tips To Survive The Festive Season

Colors, sweets, new clothes, holidays.. there’s so much to love about this festive season! Holi is round the corner and the excitement for holidays, quality family time, preparation for Indian classic food, dresses keeps us busy. We all are excited and stressed about the preparations to be on time. So, what you are in a Nuclear family […]

#ColgateMagicalStories Mission Powerful

Mission Powerful

Learning becomes easy, fun, entertaining when we add playing factor to it. BlogAdda along with Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, brings opportunity for kids to learn while playing with their newly launched the “Magical Space Adventure” special packs for kids. I got the opportunity from BlogAdda to create ColgateMagicalStories along my little brother to discover a magical world […]