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Lack of knowledge creates a large class to be prone to HIV & vulnerable diseases like Sexually transmitted diseases(STD’s) in India.As Indians are often reluctant to talk about Sex and Protection methods to adolescents because of the stigma associated with the topic. This “reluctance” has laid a foundation for startups opportunity in the field of  “Sexual & Wellness” in India. What is […]

Puberty Menorrhagia

Puberty Menorrhagia – Excessive Bleeding during Menstruation cycle Puberty Menorrhagia means excessive blood flow in amount (>75 ml) or in duration (>6 days ) .The term puberty is refer to the time period during which secondary sexual characteristics develop. Factors involved in onset of menstruation: Nutrition lifestyle health Common causes of  Puberty Menorrhagia Access or […]

BreastFeeding Series – Part 4

know about Breastfeeding

In this series of  Breastfeeding we will learn Step by step description about Preparation , Management , Technique of Breastfeeding that is this breastfeeding series is on Counselling on Breastfeeding . Disclaimer : It is highly recommended to concern your Doctor before implementing this Counselling series .   Technique of Breastfeeding The mother & the baby should […]