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  • ENVY : Learn Everything about this Resentful Desire #ClickandBlogAStory linky

    ENVY : Learn Everything about this Resentful Desire

    Follow UsWhat do you think “Envy” is? Envy is defined as, “A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.”  If someone doing better than you, getting opportunities that you wish for. You think you are falling behind.  You feel sad, depressed, irritated, bitter and your mind can’t accept it. […]

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  • Condombazaar.com and The sexual wellness

    Condombazaar.com and The sexual wellness

    Follow UsLack of knowledge creates a large class to be prone to HIV & vulnerable diseases like Sexually transmitted diseases(STD’s) in India.As Indians are often reluctant to talk about Sex and Protection methods to adolescents because of the stigma associated with the topic. This “reluctance” has laid a foundation for startups opportunity in the field of  “Sexual & Wellness” in India. What […]

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    Follow UsIn this series of  Infertility , I’ve focus on all aspects of Infertility . its  types , causes  in male & female . Various Test performed , Treatment & their Advantages / disadvantages on couples . Here I tried to talk about all the confusions and the right time to consult , how Infertility counselling help .So let’s […]