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    Follow Us  What is Rangroute All About ? Rangroute  promote authentic  Indian Art and Handicrafts  which brighten everything you do.Take the rangroute. Website } Rangroute,com    How to Take the  Rangroute  way ? Now  after falling in love with Rangroute Colourful & Vibrant Art forms , I am sure you are keen to inquire about them. You can contact them on Twitter […]

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    Follow UsPuberty Menorrhagia – Excessive Bleeding during Menstruation cycle Puberty Menorrhagia means excessive blood flow in amount (>75 ml) or in duration (>6 days ) .The term puberty is refer to the time period during which secondary sexual characteristics develop. Factors involved in onset of menstruation: Nutrition lifestyle health Common causes of  Puberty Menorrhagia Access […]